Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dublin: Soft Blonde Moustache


"hold your breath while you draw"

Monster Truck Gallery 4th- 16th Dec 2008

Collaborative singing and drawing collective Soft Blonde Moustache have announced their debut show and book launch at the Monster Truck Gallery this December.

The Moustache are artists Nessa Darcy, Mary-Jo Gilligan, Julia MacConville and Aileen Murphy. We at Moloch think that what they do is awesome. Since actually describing what it is that they do is quite difficult, it's probably best if you have a look (and especially a listen) at their MySpace Page: www.myspace.com/softblondemoustache

SBM member Nessa Darcy contributed art to the first two issues of Moloch, including the above detail from 'Sad Little Zoo'.

The collective have also announced the following events, as part of the exhibition:

Sunday December the 7th at 1.30pm
Favourite Food Picnic. Bring your favourite food, and we will have a delightful afternoon of shared flavours.

Friday the 12th at 7pm
Sound performance! soft blonde moustache improvise live.

Sunday the 14th at 1.30pm
Children's drawing workshop. please book in for this one, and then bring a little person for experiments with drawing...hooray! email softblondemoustache@yahoo.com