Monday, 8 March 2010

[ art@work ] Artists’ Residency Programme

Roscommon Arts Office seeks interest from artists who wish to participate in the 2010


[ art@work ]

artists’ residency programme



As part of art@work, artists from any arts discipline, spend three weeks in a company or service in County Roscommon making work motivated by the environment, staff and working practices of the company Since its inception in 2001, the art@work programme has continued as a unique outlet for contemporary art to be integrated into society – introducing not only art, but also artists, and the processes of making art, to new audiences.

Artists are not necessarily expected to make work collaberatively; rather the artist is simply making work for a period of time in a different place of work than usual. Quite naturally however, the work is clearly influenced by the artists’ adopted environment, relating strongly to that particular situation thus providing a greater interest and involvement in the work from staff.

To the artist art@work offers the opportunity to explore different methods of working and to produce work in a unique context that allows for greater participation in the creation of the work. To staff at the company, art@work stimulates a pride and recognition of the value and nature of both the artists work and the work of the company. To the company the programme offers a valuable and unique advertising platform in both a local and national context as well as being an innovative project which reflects well on the company from many perspectives.

Last Year Create collaborated with Roscommon County Council Arts Office to produce a publication which further investigated the experiences of those involved, providing a rich insight to the motivations, processes and outcomes of each of the residencies. Sarah Tuck, Director of Create said that “the art@work programme provocatively re-inscribes arts practice as work, whilst simultaneously acknowledging the creativity of work itself. In situating the artist in work contexts, both the artists and the staff have an occasion to reappraise what it is that they do as part of the daily routine and ritual of working life.”

How the programme works –

Initially companies and artists are separately asked to express their interest in becoming involved in the programme. From this a one day group site visit is arranged where artists together visit each of the participating companies. From this the artist can prepare a proposal as to how they would approach the residency at their chosen company or companies.

How to get involved –

If you are interested in participating in art@work, simply email or call 090 66 37285 to register your interest before Friday 26th March, after which a day of site visits will be arranged to participating companies. A full list of participating companies will not be available until April but previous participants are listed below.

The Proposal –

The proposal is not a definite “in stone” document but rather an indication of how the artist would complete the residency if their course did not alter during it. This is essentially an indication of the artist’s methodology and their understanding of the company. We would expect that the residency itself would dictate how the work would progress and that it would, in the end, substantially differ from the original proposal, but in order to decide who participates and how appropriate or feasible an artist’s residency is likely to be, we assess proposals only on the information and CV submitted. An artist can submit as many proposals as they like for as many companies as they like.

Schedule –

Registration            Before Friday 26th March

Site Visits              Mid April

Proposals               Mid May

Residency              June – September

Publication             October

Fees –

Residency                          €500 per week

Materials/ Travel Subsidy     €500

Accommodation Subsidy     €500

Further Information – or 090 66 37285

Philip Delamere

County Arts Officer

Roscommon County Council, The Courthouse, Roscommon, Ireland

T +353 9066 37285 | F +353 9066 34443 | E | W