Friday, 30 May 2008

Call for anthology submissions

This from fabulous Forest Publications in sunny Edinburgh:

Dear all,

The following is a call for submissions for the new anthology from
Forest Publications. Please feel free to pass this along to writers
whom you think might be interested. Further, do not hesitate to contact
me with any questions regarding this project.

Below is the challange:

Never, ever trust a writer. They cluck and nod and listen and then three
months later they splash your tragedy/foolishness/very embarrassing
incident involving a raspberry jelly and a pair of warm curling tongs
over the tawdry pages of a literary quarterly. We feel there is no shame
in this. Quite the opposite: we believe this ugly fact deserves to be
celebrated with all the pomp and hullaballoo we can possibly muster.
Therefore we are compiling an anthology of the finest stolen stories,
the anecdotes and overheard conversations that simply demand to be told.
We feel that it is time to be honest. This is where our ideas come from.

Stories should not exceed 5,000 words in length and must, must, must be
accompanied by a short note that explains the nature of your theft. We
would prefer that you did not steal from well-known television shows or
anything equally obvious.

Send your stolen story to:

Closing date for submissions: July 3rd

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