Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Milk and Cookie Stories VII, Disaster Stories

Milk and Cookie Stories VII

featuring a theme – Disaster Stories, and the Milk & Cookies BAKE-OFF!
Doors 6.30pm, Tuesday May 11th, Exchange Dublin

RUN! Milk & Cookie Stories are terrified to announce their latest event, in association with Exchange Words, is hurtling through space towards us and is due for impact this Tuesday May 11th in Exchange Dublin. Doors open at 6.30pm (and not before), the show starts at 7pm, and with any luck you will have survived the whole ordeal, learned to put aside petty differences and be ready to head home around 10pm. This lifeboat fills up fast, and they don't take reservations; so make sure you're at the front of the panicked swarm of extras.

Milk and Cookie Stories is for anyone who has a story to tell, or wants to hear a tale told well, in a relaxed, friendly environment ~ a place with tea, cushions, cookies and friends. The event consists of open mic storytelling, with one or two featured storytellers. Our event is free and everyone is welcome. 

The theme this month is Disaster Stories! Hopefully if you're looking for something to tell, this might offer a eruption of inspiration. You don't have to stick to the theme (and the interpretation is wide!), they encourage stories of all kinds; traditional, animation, musical, anything as long as it's a story – the House Rules are available on their website, http://www.milkandcookiestories.com/

The BAKE-OFF! is also returning, bruised and doughy, to strike terror and inspiration into the hearts of the baking community – one cookie will rise above the rest, and the winner shall be carried through the streets, and given prizes. More details are again available at the website.

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